Quebra-Luz rooms are located at the historical centre of Coimbra, at the famous stairs "Escada do Quebra-Costas". This location allows our guests to have a direct contact with the history, tradition and culture of the city. Famous historical buildings (The University Tower, The city Old wall, Machado de Castro Museum, Sé Velha Cathedral) are within a few minutes distance walk and, at the same time, the stairs area is nowadays the location of several artistic and cultural events (music concerts, urban market at the 2nd Saturday of the month, ).

Thus, Quebra-Luz rooms are the perfect place to enjoy a true Coimbra experience. In the day, you can visit Coimbra medieval streets and, afterwards, relax at our backside "pátio", with a view to silent gardens. In the night, you can have a drink at the private "varanda" (balcony) of your room, and sometimes listen to some alive Fado or Jazz concert.


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